Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kinect support for Zoovy?

On Tuesday @ Zoovy Live I hinted that we might incorporate Kinect capabilities into our product.  A lot of people either missed it, or were left scratching their heads wondering why!??.  A Kinect is a few hundred dollars and plugs into any USB port, it comes with a highly advanced developer library that is easy to incorporate into a variety of retail applications -- very easily.

Kinect is basically a 3d camera with an innovative software library that lets developers identify and track objects.  Objects -- well those could be anything from packages and products, to puppies, to employees handling goods, to customers walking through a retail storefront.  It can identify motion of an object such as a hand sign, gesture, or arm motion.

Google is planning on building something like the Kinect into it's upcoming Glass project.  Glass is one of those things which might be a little ahead of it's time, but it will set the stage for the next evolution of user interface after we move past touch.  In fact a lot of people (myself included) see touch interfaces as merely a transitional step to a voice and motion based interface(s).  This technology has many applications beyond the geeky ones you may be thinking -- for example anybody need to lose a few extra lbs?  Here is a summary of a paper published this week that explains how using augmented reality to visually increase portion size makes you feel satiated more quickly (this is because the stomach has enough calories way before your eyes and mouth are done eating)

Don't underestimate it -- glass could easily be a win simply as a diet craze, trust me there are a lot of chubby nerds out there. :-)

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