Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The future of mobile - lifestyle devices

LinkA lot of Zoovy staffers have heard me talk about the next generation of phones that are on the horizon that I believe will ship in July of this year. I think it will be right around July because that's when all the original iPhone contracts renew, and each year at that time the majority of the iPhone user population re-ups their contracts. The manufacturers will need to start building buzz and they'll all keep their stuff under wraps to make it seem like the hottest thing to hit the market and see how many Apple IOS users they can pick up before they renew their contracts and get a new iPhone 5.

I've been saying how I believed that multiple android hardware vendors were basically sandbagging and playing a /follow fast/ strategy when it came to iPhone for the past few years. What I mean by sandbagging is - they've been letting Apple have a some level of success, and a small lead all while saving their most innovative ideas for later when the Android interface didn't suck so hard compared to IOS.

The basic strategy until now - has been mobile hardware manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, etc.) needed to have "something" to have a distribution channel and to insure apple had some competition to keep margins realistic -- but the strategy for each vendor was to save their "super device" until they at least had an even playing field in operating system/software.

The reality is that Android releases prior to 4.0 (ICS) sucked, and any hardware vendor who could make something cool - knew they would basically have it ripped off within a year. They also knew it'd never get mass market adoption because the Android operating system was just too bad and only geeks, and cheap people who wouldn't buy an iPhone could tolerate it. I won't go into the whole back story of how the tablet revision of Android (3.x) series really screwed over the smart phone population -- but suffice to say that Android has been pretty fragmented before-4.0. But 4.0 rocks it, in fact I've said it's a better user interface than IOS -- specifically with it's app management, and widget interface it's substantially easier and more personalizable (is that even a word?).

I've also been saying how I think the general "smart phone" will eventually cede way to a more "lifestyle device" -- that possibly isn't even good at being a phone.

And today I saw this:

It's basically Android goggles, and personally speaking - I'm excited. Because this is the type of stuff I'm talking about -- it's coming, it's the future. A few things are certain - it doesn't stop at the mobile phone, and there is absolutely no way that Apple is going to hold it's market lead with the myriad of lifestyle devices we're going to see hit the market in the next few months.
You may not be a fan of the cyber-goggles here, but I promise - some hardware manufacturer out there is thinking about how they can sell *YOU* a device. I've personally got my fingers crossed for something much better suited for CEO Triathletes -- hopefully something that is water proof and lets me watch my heart-rate on a heads up display, and attend video conferences while I swim, bike, run. :-)


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ZephyrSports said...

Bluetooth music, with a way to operate your phone through your glasses? Siri? What's my heart beat? Pace, etc. until you run off the cliff you never saw while looking at the HUD in your glasses?